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Amiga Mods as Mp3s! 8bit, 4 channel! What more do you want? There are so many great amiga mods out there that i still love to listen to. ModP3 hopes to make some of these more accessible and available to the wider amiga community in mp3 format.

Terms and Conditions...

Terms and Conditions??

All files provided for download on this site are assumed to be freely distributable. In the event that a file here is not freely distributable, please contact the site maintainer for immediate file removal. By downloading any files here you acknowledge that you will not hold the webmaster or our host liable for any damages.


What is modp3??

A mod file encoded as an Mp3 file.

What is a mod??

A music file predominantly used on amiga computers in the 80's and 90's, Mods use 8 bit sampled instruments layed out in a 4 track format. The most common format is the Amiga Pro-Tracker module, but there are over a hundred similar formats of tracked music including med. The more popular ones today are xm and s3m which support higher quality sample bit rates, more channels and more samples!

What is an Amiga??

Amiga is the be all and end all of the computing world, nothing else matters.


There are so many great amiga mods out there that i still love to listen to. By ecodeding them as mp3 the music is more accessible and available to more media devices.

Credits and Thanks...


Main Background image based upon a photograph by Graham Gray (aka Echo, amiga mod artist). Thanks for allowing me to manipulate your image.


Amiga Music Preservation, AMP.

Thanks to Crown for allowing us to cross-link to AMP. This will allow people to find more information on mod Authors and a list of most of their mods!!!


Hall of Light, HOL.

Thanks to RCK for allowing us to cross-link to HOL. If you love the music, you'll really love the game!!!


Lemon Amiga, Lemon.

Thanks to Kim for allowing us to cross-link to the Lemon Database!!!


getID3(), php code used during upload of Mp3's. GetId3() Homepage

Speaker Anim!!

Image from Agony Title screen. Animated by mihcael.

The rest!!

Background image modified and made tileable by mihcael, please contact before using.
Title background by Pigsticker, Modp3 Title image and all other graphics by Brutal.


Name that mod...

OddbOd form EAB successfully named the mod in the title background animation. It was Killing Floor 2.1 by Chorus & SID. What a gun!



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